17 - 22 pm

Danish Artist’s Books After The Financial Crisis, Sorted By Length of Title

Hour Editions are part of the publication Danish Artist’s Books After The Financial Crisis, Sorted By Length of Title, published by Lodret Vandret. The publication is an extensive collection of information about the Danish self-publishing scene from the period of 2011–2018.

For the evening Annual Reportt will transform into a functional newsstand/bar in which we will celebrate the release of the publication and the self-publishing scene in general, it's actors, their friends and readers.

During the evening the bar will be managed by four different publishers one at a time who will be serving drinks based on their own recipe while they present their publishing practice. The menu of available drinks will be revealed on the evening, taking the form of a 6×3 meter LED billboard. Additionally each of the bar-managing publishers will be responsible for at festive feature during their hour in the bar, ranging from readings to performances and a surprise event.

Hour Editions

Kld Repro

Forlaget Gestus

Lodret Vandret

Annual Reportt
Åboulevard 44,
2200 Nørrebro,
Copenhagen, Denmark


7 – 9 pm

Artists' books, so what?

Seminar discussing the status of artists’ books in Scandinavia
– trends and development.

Marika Reuterswärd, director of Kristianstads konsthall
Matilda Plöjel, Sailor Press
Kirke Meng and Karin Hald, Forlaget Gestus
Kristina Bengtsson, Hour Projects
Thomas Millroth, art critic and author

Presenter: Joakim Norling, publisher Timglaset

Malmö Konsthall

S:t Johannesgatan 7
SE-205 80 Malmö

The seminar is part of MMAB 2018

Co-organisers: Malmö Konsthall and Studiefrämjandet i Malmö.
Free admission, limited number of seats. In Swedish.


18.08.17 - 09.12.17

I would prefer not to

Anu Ramdas, Eva Koch, Trine Mee Sook Gleerup, Jan Bäcklund, Kristoffer Ørum, Marie Koch Kjærgaard, Peter Birkholm, Johanne Skovbo Lasgaard, Andreas Albrectsen, Marie Thams, Hour Projects, Herman Melville and KLD Repro.

Henrik Rungs Gade 25
2200 Copenhagen N

Opening event: Aug 18th at 5-8 pm
Curated by: Rie Hovmann Rasmussen and Louise Lassen Iversen



New Publication!

Calling all Divas
by Tyler Matthew Oyer

Published on the occasion of the exhibition:
Inside Me with Incredible Intensity*
by Martin Jacob Nielsen and Tyler Matthew Oyer

at Vermilion Sands, Copenhagen

*Kathy Acker



Late Edition

17.00 - 20.00

Östervärns Antikvariat & Bokhandel
Höstgatan 37
212 17 Malmö

Join us for an evening where we share our thoughts and feelings about work.

We will introduce our ongoing project Not not work, dealing with the complexities of labour in the 21st century art practice and present some recent titles including a new publication made specifically for the event.

måste ge ett särskilt ansiktsuttryck
A source promiscuous performance by Kirsten Astrup and Maria Bordorff,
1. and 2. act The performance is site-generated in dialogue with other, similar, sites. Blitz will occur.

In the beginning, a thunderstorm over the city. A shelter is sought in the small antiquarian bookshop where time has accumulated in folds of voices at random language, mainly Scandinavian, and where it smells sweetly of ageing paper. The voices talk about loneliness which they are all familiar with, about work, that they are not familiar with, about the peculiar expression in the face of visible people.

Wine and hot soup will be served.



Publication launch of 8 hours? 0,- desire
by Marie Thams

Performative conversation with Marie Thams and Maria Bordorff


SixtyEight Art Institute
Valkendorfsgade 11
1151 Copenhagen



New publication!

Published on the occasion of the exhibition:

Mikko Kuorinki

I like to stare at things that cannot be read.
Only in that way can the present be remembered.
I need a menu to wash my car.*

at Vermilion Sands, Copenhagen

texts by
Jenny Kalliokulju
Karl Larsson
Henning Lundkvist
Amalie Smith

*Tan Lin


8 hours? 0,- desire
Marie Thams


08.04.16 - 22.04.16

Fantom Cinema

Film and event programme curated by
Marc Baines, Rob Churm and Hour Projects

The Old Hairdressers
27 Renfield Lane
Glasgow G2

The Old Hairdressers

Glasgow International 2016

Francis Patrick Brady
Ectoplasmic Material
Joachim Hamou
Maj Hasager

09.04.16 5-8pm
Work Book is a reader on labour, work and production in the contemporary art practice compiled by 12 artists and published by Hour Editions. Existing somewhere between a scrapbook and a conventional anthology of academic writing, the book is available to those who participate in an unwaged internship at Hour Editions for the duration of the production of their copy of the book (approx. 5 minutes). The production of the book is thus effectively outsourced to a near-constant flow of micro-interns.

10.04.16 3-6pm
We will meet in the blind spot is a film by Maj Hasager (DK) which takes as its point of departure the Filipino migrant community, present as domestic workers, gardeners and chauffeurs in and around the Esposizione Universale di Roma (EUR) area originally built by Mussolini as a utopian ‘Third Rome’ and used as a location the films of Fellini and Antonioni. There will be a screening of the film with an introduction by Hasager followed by a launch of her book Making Visible.

12.04.16 5-8pm
Divergent Organisation for Hierarchical Labour (DOHL) is a role playing and radical world building discussion card game led by Francis Patrick Brady (UK). A parody of the division of white collar Labour forces within the western world, the increasingly splintered specialisation of creative energies into increasingly niche bubbles of rehashed/freelance/ intern-centric careers is posed as a formalised role-play discussion about the future.

15.04.16 7pm
UIP27 by Joachim Hamou (FR) is a feature length film set in 2027 in United Israel-Palestine, a new state administrated by the United Nations. The majority of the film was recorded during public events where lawyers, activists, researchers and witnesses participated in debates that generated material for the actors. For GI there will be a screening of the film followed by a discussion with Hamou.

15.04.16 9:20pm
Ectoplasmic Materialism (UK/DK) will present The Spillover Room: A séance in and with dead labour.

See the full programme listings here

Fantom Cinema is kindly supported by:

The Danish Arts Council and Glasgow International



Speaking Volumes

Kristina Bengtsson in conversation with Alberta Whittle

Reading of Michala Paludan's work Kalliope, Kleio, Erato […]

Glasgow Women's Library
23 Landressy Street
Glasgow G40 1BP

Glasgow International 2016